• 100% Designed, Built and Serviced in North America
  • 100% Designed, Built and Serviced in North America
  • 100% Designed, Built and Serviced in North America
  • 100% Designed, Built and Serviced in North America

  • Why Amsler
  • North American Built
  • Servo-Driven
  • All Electric
  • Machinery Supplier
    » Lowest bottle cost
    » Simple to run & maintain
    » Fastest mold and neck changeovers
    » Biggest range of bottle and neck sizes on one machine
    » Lowest energy consumption
    » Consistent quality bottles
    » Highest uptime
    » Fast service and parts availability
  • Amsler Equipment is 100% designed, built and serviced in our North American facility. Service is also always available onsite at your facility. Our local approach and dedicated engineering, service and support will deliver value to your business.

  • Your business demands a more precise and improved speed control and ramp up for better productivity. When you compare us to our competitors, this is what you will find: Our servo-driven electric stretch rods, molds and preform indexing systems are integral to Amsler Equipment. They deliver major productivity advantages over other systems and are available in our complete line of all-electric RHB machinery. We’re so confident in our excellent repeatability resulting in more consistent bottle quality we are happy to prove it.

  • Machines range from 1 to 4 cavities with outputs of 1,500 to 6,000 bottles per hour. We build efficiently designed machines, simple to run and maintain while you experience faster mold and neck changeovers. All-electric servo-driven for reduced energy costs.

  • Amsler will partner with you to help develop and test your package. We work closely with you to design the most economical and reliable total system to produce your PET bottles and jars. Enjoy onsite mold testing and pilot production run services in our facility.

Blow Molding Machines

As a custom blow molder, you demand more from your equipment. At Amsler, we deliver machines that are simple to run and maintain with fewer moving parts.

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Leak Testers

The Amsler Leak Tester checks bottle sizes from 10ml up to 23 liters. Key to a smooth production run is the ability to detect wall thickness, find pinhole leaks, choked necks on extrusion-blown bottles, short-shot necks, or batch counting for top-load testing.

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Spin Trimmers

Use our Amsler Spin Trimmer in both two-step PET stretch blow molding and extrusion blow molding plants.

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Our services include Training, Technical Support, Warranty Assistance, Pilot Production Runs and Consulting.

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 Containers from 15ml to 5 liters all in one machine


 Quick and Easy Changeovers


 Huge range of neak sizes in one machine


 The lowest tooling costs

 Large format containers and wide-mouth jars


 Vacuum and Pressure Decay Leak Testers


 Auto load preform system for jars


 Versatile spin trimmers

 Use Mag-Plastics and other existing molds


 Get off-the-shelf parts

 Hot-fill containers


 Turnkey installations

 Test & pilot production run services



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Client Testimonials

Midwest Container - USA

…The single cavity molds from the L12 that we were running for the last six years gave us the ability to perfect the blow molding process as our business grew. It was a very simple step to move onto the L32 triple cavity. Being able to use the existing molds, transfer tooling and spigots interchangeably lowered the cost of the start-up of the L32. We are currently…..

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Diversified Limited – Trinidad

… Our experience and performance with these machines has been good thus far and there has been no problems with availability for parts and the after sales service is excellent with W. Amsler Equipment Ltd.

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Dahltech Limited – USA

…Our satisfaction with the L25 2 cavity machine that we purchased from you 4 years ago reinforced our recent decision to select your L42 4 cavity machine. The efficiency and reliability associated with the all-electric systems has been…

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…. we have found the equipment to be very reliable and easy to maintain. According to our machine operators, the Amsler is the least complex in the plant and changeovers are much quicker than other equipment. Westbridge has a variety of equipment (Sidel, Cincinnati, XT etc), but…

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AsOne P.E.T Containers

The Amsler was built in 2000 and purchased second hand by our company. We are very please to say that this machine offers reliable performance and outstanding capabilities in producing difficult bottles. Amsler has provided….

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Sailor Plastics

L25 Two-cavity, leak tester, spin trimmer Very pleased with all equipment and service from W. Amsler Equipment Inc.

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