About Us

Who We Are

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is a Canadian company founded by Werner Amsler. Since 1994 the Amsler group has been helping plants in North America and worldwide with Blow Molding Machines and ancillary equipment such as: Leak Testers, Spin Trimmers, Air Compressors, Process Chillers, Mold Temperature-Control Units, Gaylord Dumpers, Palletizers, Labelers, Vacuum Conveyors, Blow Molds, Mold Testing, Pilot Production and Turn Key Plant Design and Installation.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is the only North American manufacturer of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molding equipment, 100% designed, built and serviced in North America. Amsler Packaging Solutions can offer filling equipment and turnkey installations for Liquid Filling Projects.

Let’s Start

As a custom blow molder, you need to know more about Amsler equipment with the inherent efficient designs and fewer parts. You demand simple to run and maintain machines with quick changeovers. Consistent quality output is essential.


    W. Amsler Equipment is 100% designed, built and serviced in our North American facility. Service is also always available onsite at your facility. Our local approach and dedicated engineering, service and support will deliver value to your business.


    Machines range from 1 to 4 cavities with outputs of 1500 to 6000 bottles per hour. We build efficiently designed machines, simple to run and maintain while you experience faster mold and neck changeovers. All-electric servo-driven for reduced energy costs.



    Your business demands a more precise and improved speed control and ramp up for better productivity. When you compare us to our competitors, this is what you will find: Our servo-driven electric stretch rods, molds and perform indexing systems are integral to Amsler Equipment.


    Amsler will partner with you to help develop and test your package. We work closely with you to design the most economical and reliable total system to produce your PET bottles and jars. Enjoy onsite mold testing and pilot production run services in our facility.

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